BlogMenopause? Esthetic care can be your support.

Menopause? Esthetic care can be your support.


I attended a seminar of “Female hormone and menopause”, and considered as follows.


Menopausal disorders arising from a rapid decrease in female hormone are vary from person to person.

A lot of research results have been announced in which symptoms are alleviated by aromatherapy treatments in female-specific malfunction.


Paul Scerri’s treatment method we are using at this salon is aromatherapy by exquisitely blended essential oils.

It relieves mental and physical stress by a pleasant aroma with gentle massage technique, and keeps hormonal balance.


Now that Japanese women’s average longevity has reached above 85 years, menopause is exactly the turning point in life.

It is an important time for women to experience physical changes in the sense of how healthily and affluently they live the rest of their lives.

Owning to uncomfortable conditions accompanied by physical changes, people tend to think negatively of the menopause.

I would like to suggest that it is a “renewal start” for women and can be overcome with the help of aromatherapy.