About Salon

Grand ArbreGrand Arbre means Big Tree in French

A big tree to have its root fastened deep,
widely spread its branches,
shelter us from the rain or strong sunlight,
comfort us with pleasant breeze and gentle sunshine down through the branches.

This salon was named Grand Arbre in the hope feeling the same comfort as feeling in the shade under a big tree.




Naomi Iida

Treat myself at an esthetic salon, revitalized and relaxed body and mind was my precious time.
Those experiences had led me to be an esthetician enables guests to offer the same precious time as I had.
Studied at Takara International Esthetique Collage, and got qualified as CIDESCO International Esthetician and Aromatherapist, experienced at a hotel spa in Karuizawa(Nagano), and a spa at fitness club in Ebisu(Tokyo).
In April 2009, independently opened a private esthetics “Grand Arbre”.

I am grateful to all guests for every encounter, and promise to make my best endeavor to satisfy the guests.


  • CIDESCO International Esthetician
  • CIDESCO Aromatherapist
  • AJESTHE Instructor